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Autodesk Civil 3D 2007


Now you can enjoy the flexibility and speed of ProCogo from inside of your CAD program. The AutoCAD® compatible "CAD Companion for ProCogo" shares cogo points with ProCogo 2005 so they can be used simultaneously without any transfer files. Once your calculations are done by ProCogo 2005, CAD Companion adds annotations, line and curve tables, and helps you finish your drawing.


Learning Made Easy!

Also included is a complete set of tutorial movies to teach you how to use CAD Companion. You can fast-forward, rewind, pause, and replay each lesson as desired.




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Autodesk Authorized Developer



  • Clean layout is easy to learn and use.
  • Annotate lines and curves, right inside of AutoCAD
  • 8 options to choose from for line annotations
  • 14 options to choose from for curve annotations
  • User can select side of curve for annotations
  • Curve annotations can be stacked up to 6 rows high
  • Create line and curve tables
  • Create tables with or without grid lines
  • Work directly with ProCogo 2005 cogo files, no need for transfer files.
  • Do traverse and sideshots with cogo points, right inside of AutoCAD
  • Set curves with the curve traverse command
  • Inverse between cogo points, without having to leave AutoCAD.
  • Inverse to cogo points, or by snapping to items in the drawing
  • Cogo points can now be locked in the database to prevent accidental modification
  • Compatible with Legal-Aid, legal description software
  • Includes multi-media tutorial movies for quick and easy learning.