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ProCalc is software that helps you quickly perform surveying calculations using the same RPN (reverse polish notation) style calculator that you've come to love. The calculator includes an exclusive "hms" angle mode so you don't have to convert to and from decimal degrees when working with hms angles.


Automatically handles angle, distance and area units. Values can be entered as plain numbers or defined as an angle, distance or area. When a value is defined as say, a distance, then the calculator automatically handles units conversions for you. For example, if you add 10 feet and 15 meters, the calculator will automatically convert the feet to meters and return the result in meters. If you multiply two distances, then the result will automatically be an area.


Includes easy to use curve calculator. Simply enter the known parts of a curve to calculate the rest of the curve parameters. In most cases only two curve parameters are required. This is the same calculator software that ships with our ProCogo software.


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Free RPN Calculator Software