Affordable COGO, DTM and CAD software for Land Surveyors.

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ProCogo XL (DTM) gives you all of the COGO, CAD and Data Collection features of the regular version of ProCogo XL along with fast, easy DTM and Contouring.


Regular Features

  • Alpha-numeric point names.
  • Bearing and Distance annotations.
  • Draw lines, arcs, tracts (polylines), text and symbols (blocks).
  • Import and process data collector files.
  • Import scanned images or aerials.
  • Export linework to a DXF file.
  • Create legal descriptions from a parcel in your drawing.
  • Create Digital Terrain Model and then create and label contours from it.
  • Click here for more on ProCogo XL's standard features.
DTM Features
  • Fast TIN Generation (50,000 points in about 10 seconds).
  • Breakline support.
  • Major and minor contour intervals.
  • Easy contour labeling.
  • Adjustable contour smoothing.