• Organize Your Office!
  • Office-wide calendar!
  • Track and bill for your time!
  • Keep track of all of your documents!

New Features!

  • Enter Lat/Lon for each job.
  • Create location maps in Google Earth and Google Maps for your jobs.
  • Create location maps in Google Earth and Google Maps for your Survey Control.
  • Copy and paste NGS datasheets right into Info-Retriever.
  • Print out a list of your appointments with the new Agenda view.
  • Export time entries directly to Microsoft Excel.
  • Advanced Contact Search lets you search multiple names at once. Example: "Anderson or Andersen".
  • Drag-and-Drop files to and from the attachments list.

Contact and Project Management

Designed specifically for surveying and engineering firms, Info-Retriever helps you run your business better. Keep track of clients, jobs, appointments, tasks, time, documents, drawings, survey control and more... all in one central location.


  • Enter and track time for each job.
  • Create invoices right inside of Info-Retriever (QuickBooks is not required).
  • Calendar can now send reminders right to your cell phone as a text message.
  • Receive payments. Payments can be applied to several invoices at the same time.
  • Look up addresses in Google Maps or MapQuest.
  • Launch your email program right from Info-Retriever.

Check out the features section to find out more about how Info-Retriever can make your life easier.


Job and Property Management

Organize and keep track of all, documents, appointments, tasks and time for each job or property. All information is kept in one central location where it can be easily accessed by everyone in your office.


Client and Contact Management

Keep track of all your clients and other contacts. Create letters, proposals, and even do mass-mailings to a group of contacts all at once.


Document Management

Keep a complete list of documents including drawings, field notes, photographs, spreasheets or any other files for each job, contact, or survey control point in your database. Simply double-click a document to open it in its native application.


Easy Scheduling with the Office-Wide Calendar

Use the office-wide calendar to easily create appointments and tasks for yourself as well as for other employees in your office. Create appointments that can be shared by several users at a time. If the appointment is rescheduled, everyone's calendar that shares the appointment is also automatically updated.


Time Capture

Quickly and easily enter your time for any job or property. View a running list of time entries for a job at any time.



Create invoices, and receive payments. Import time entries directly into an invoice for billing. And, payments can be applied over several invoices at once.


Easy to Learn and Use

Info-Retriever has been desiged from the start to be easy to learn and use. Screens are designed to minimize clutter which makes it easier to find and work with the information you need. In addition, a complete set of videos are provided which include tutorials and examples for all aspects of the software.