AutoCAD CUI Training!

Learn how to master the AutoCAD CUI editor. Introduced in AutoCAD 2006, the CUI has totally changed how AutoCAD is customized. And is this a good thing? You bet! Now you can customize your AutoCAD environment from one central location.



AutoCAD CUI Training

The CUI Editor (click for larger view)



Learn how to . . . .





.MNL Files are GONE!

Gone are the days of editing mnu files in Notepad. Gone are the days of worrying about entering the menu structure correctly.



But what about your old menus and toolbars? You know, the ones you spent hours on trying to get them just right! This series includes coverage on migration as well as migration issues to watch for.


Create protected menus, toolbars, and workspaces

Learn how to use Enterprise CUI files correctly to protect your company wide customizations, yet still allow users to make other customizations of their own. Want to keep users from editing the standard menus and toolbars that ship with AutoCAD? We'll show you how to do that too!.



Lesson Contents

AutoCAD CUI Training



Requirements: Pentium or faster computer, 1280 x 960 or higher video resolution, sound card and speakers, CD-ROM drive, 256 MB RAM. Windows XP and above for most versions. Macromedia flash player 5.0 or higher.


Basic installation requires 10 MB hard drive space. Additional hard drive space is required if you choose to store the lesson files on your hard drive instead of running them from the CD-ROM. Note that lesson files can be stored on a network hard drive and shared among other registered users of the product. (A separate copy must be purchased for each computer that you wish to run the software on.)