AutoCAD Tool Palette TrainingAutoCAD Tool Palette Training

Productivity Killer #1

You know the drill... you're on a roll, the creative juices are flowing... and then you have to stop and hunt for a command or a block.


You finally find it, but that 30 second distraction was all it took to derail the creative "Flow" you had going.


Distractions like this are huge productivity killers. But with tool palettes, you can nicely lay out and organize your tools so they're right where you need them, when you need them.


Productivity Killer #2

You just added a block to your drawing but once again, you forgot to switch to the correct layer before inserting it.


Whoops! The Layer isn't even there yet! Now you not only have to move the block, but you have to create the layer first .


This could have been avoided if you pulled your block from a tool palette!


Learn how to eliminate productivity killers with Tool Palette Training from AGT.


Benefits of our "Personal Trainer Studio" training format.


  • Watch as the instructor shows you step-by-step how to use AutoCAD tool palettes. This is not a canned powerpoint presentation, but a live recording of the AutoCAD screen.
  • Watch the lessons in the comfort of your home or office.
  • View the lessons as often as you want.
  • Fast-forward, pause, rewind.
  • Our lesson viewer features an easy to use, on-screen lesson outline allowing you to quickly find and launch the lesson you want with just a few mouse clicks.
AutoCAD Tool Palettes

Here's some of what you'll learn...


  • How to store color, layer, text style, dim style and other information with a block, hatch or command on a tool palette.
  • How to automatically create missing layers, text styles, linetypes, dim styles and more when using commands and blocks on a tool palette.
  • The power of the "right-click"... you'll be surprised at what you've been missing!
  • How to add instructional text notes onto tool palettes.
  • How to create groups of your favorite palettes, and switch among them with only two mouse-clicks.
  • How to use tool palettes to help maintain CAD standards throughout your office.
  • How to share tool palettes on your network, and also protect them from being tampered with by other users.

Requirements: Pentium or faster computer, 1280 x 960 or higher video resolution, sound card and speakers, CD-ROM drive, 256 MB RAM. Windows XP and above for most versions. Macromedia flash player 5.0 or higher.


Basic installation requires 10 MB hard drive space. Additional hard drive space is required if you choose to store the lesson files on your hard drive instead of running them from the CD-ROM. Note that lesson files can be stored on a network hard drive and shared among other registered users of the product. (A separate copy must be purchased for each computer that you wish to run the software on.)