COGO - Coordinate Geometry

AGT Topo/DTM contains a subset of COGO routines from our ProCogo XL software. These are included so that you don't have to jump back to your other survey program just to fix or fine tune your COGO points.


COGO points can be imported from ASCII files created by your surveying software or data collector. They can also be "Extracted" from a DXF file (ie: automatically created from endpoints, polyline vertices, block and text insertion points). In addition, COGO points can be sent or retrieved directly from ProCogo files (all versions).


COGO Routines

  • New Setup
  • Traverse, Side-shot, Curve Traverse
  • Inverse, Radial Inverse
  • Area, Closure
  • Station/Offset using points
  • Station/Offset from a baseline
  • Rotate/Translate
  • Add, Edit, Delete points
  • Compare points

If you are looking for more robust survey calculations, please check out our ProCogo XL, which contains everything in AGT TOPO and more.


Click here to learn more about ProCogo XL