AGT Topo with Contouring and Volumes

A Contouring and Topographic Mapping tool for Land Surveyors.

AGT TOPO/VOLUMES is an affordable and easy to use Contour and Topographic Mapping companion for your existing COGO or Land Surveying software. Quickly and easily create TIN models, contours, worksheets, TOPO maps, boundary surveys and more without having to learn or invest in an expensive CAD solution.

Easy, straightforward surveying software. Includes coordinate geometry, CAD, data collection, and a legal description writer. Also available with contouring and volume calculations.

Includes a free copy of our RPN and Curve calculator software

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DTM Highlights

  • Fast TIN generation.
  • Major and minor contours.
  • Trim the surface and contours with a boundary.
  • Label spot elevations at any point on the surface.
  • Break-line support.
  • Easy contour labeling.
  • Adjustable contour smoothing.

Volume Calculations

  • Calculate the volume between two surfaces. Ideal for calculating the volume of a spoil pile or borrow pit.
  • Determine overall cut and fill.
  • Label the cut or fill at any point on the surface.

CAD and COGO Highlights

  • Import COGO points from ASCII files and DXF files.
  • Import drawing features from DXF files.
  • Create and edit COGO points with built-in COGO routines.
  • Over 30 line-types.
  • Create and use your own custom symbols (blocks) such as trees, power poles and other features.
  • Annotate lines and arcs including text along an arc.