Survey Control Database

Store monument and benchmark information including latitude and longitude, state plane coordinates and more. Use Info-Retriever's powerful search routines to find the benchmark or control point you need.

  • Manage benchmarks and other survey control.
  • Keep unlimited notes for each control point.
  • Create a location map of control points in Google Earth. Learn More
  • Import NGS Data sheets (copy and paste).
  • Search for control by address.
  • Search for control by nearest street and cross street.
  • Store lat/lon, local coordinate and also state plane coordinates with each point.
  • Search for a control point by specifying a search window around a point.
  • Print azimuth and distance to control points from a known coordinate.
  • Scan and save field notes, sketches, photographs, aerials and other documents with each control point.

Unlimited Notes

Enter notes for each benchmark or control point. Comments are fully searchable.

  • Keep track notes and other control point info.
  • Stamp each entry with the current date and user.

File Attachments

Keep a list of files and documents for each control point. These could be reference sketches, AutoCAD drawings, PDF files, field files, aerial photos and more. To open a document, just double-click its entry in the list.


You can also attach folders for added convenience.

List of Control Fields

Below is a list of data that can be stored with each control point.

  • Control ID
  • Control Type
  • Description
  • Address
  • Nearest Street
  • Nearest Cross Street
  • Subdivision
  • Section/Township/Range
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Northing (local grid)
  • Easting (local grid)
  • Elevation (local grid)
  • Grid (name or description)
  • Field Book
  • Comments
  • State Plane Northing
  • State Plane Easting
  • State Plane Zone
  • Projection
  • Datum
  • 8 Extra Fields to rename as use as you wish
  • A list of documents attached to the control point