Import or Scan Images

Not only can you pull up the hard data concerning client files, you can also scan in field notes, survey plats, drawings, aerials, deed descriptions, contracts, and other documents. Next time a client calls and asks for a copy of the plat you did ten years ago... no problem!

Image Manager Features

  • Attach images to any contact, property, or control record.
  • Scan and print color photographs.
  • Scan and print documents.
  • Import and export tiff, bmp, and png images.
  • Image zoom and pan commands.
  • Rotate, invert, and mirror images.
  • Clean up dirty images with despeckle.
  • Re-align scanned documents with deskew.


You can use your own scanning software, or scan directly into Info-Retriever. Once the scan is finished, use the Despeckle and Deskew commands to clean up and re-align the image.


* Scanning requires that a TWAIN compatible scanner is installed.