Office Management for Land Surveyors

Designed for land surveying and engineering firms.

Info-Retriever helps you run
your business better!


Keep track of clients, jobs, appointments,
tasks, time, documents, drawings,
survey control and more... all in one central location.


Over 80 ways to search for contacts,
jobs and survey control!


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Organize your office with Info-Retriever
  • Contact and Job Management
  • Survey control database
  • Office-wide Calendar
  • Work assignment
  • Time and Billing
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Built-in word processor
  • Custom forms and mail-merge
  • Attach files to jobs and contacts
  • Track time for each job.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Appointment reminders
  • Create job location maps in Google Earth.
  • Create control location maps in Google Earth.
  • Inter-office communication
  • Look up addresses in Google Maps.

Quick & Easy Data Retrieval

Find contacts, jobs and survey control quickly and easily. You can search on virtually any field in the database.


Find contacts by first name, last name, phone number or email address and more. Lookup old jobs by a wide variety of methods including subdivision, plat book & page, section/township/range, who the job is assigned to, the street it is on and more.


"I love the program, it has saved me money and time over the years that I have had it. I tell everyone I know about it when they ask how I organize and keep up with my records."

Donald Jackson, PLS.

Job and Property Management

Organize and keep track of all, documents, appointments, tasks and time for each job or property. All information is kept in one central location where it can be easily accessed by everyone in your office.

Clients and Contacts

Keep track of all your clients and other contacts. Create letters, proposals, and even do mass-mailings to a group of contacts all at once.

Share Your Data on the Network!

Info-Retriever Network Editions allow all users to access, print, and edit from the same database at the same time.

For example

Carol enters a new job on her computer and seconds later, Tom can view it on his computer.

Network Features
  • All users can share the same database at the same time.
  • Flexible concurrent (floating) licensing.
  • Automatic network metering.
  • Simple, easy installation.
  • Very low maintenance.
Info-Retriever Network Edition

Flexible "concurrent licensing" allows you to install Info-Retriever on as many computers on your network as you need. You are only limited in the total number of users that use the database at any given time. Don't worry though, Info-Retriever takes care of this for you with automatic network metering.

Easy Scheduling with Office-Wide Calendar

Use the office-wide calendar to easily create appointments and tasks for yourself as well as for other employees in your office. Create appointments that can be shared by several users at a time. If the appointment is rescheduled, everyone's calendar that shares the appointment is also automatically updated.

Info-Retriever calendar

Time Entry and Billing

Capture the time that you spend on your jobs. Send them over to QuickBooks for billing, or create an invoice using the invoces provided by Info-Retriever.

Document Management

Keep a complete list of documents including drawings, field notes, photographs, spreadsheets or any other files for each job, contact, or survey control point in your database. Simply double-click a document to open it in its native application.

Easy to learn and use

Info-Retriever has been designed from the start to be easy to learn and use. Screens are designed to minimize clutter which makes it easier to find and work with the information you need. In addition, a complete set of videos are provided which include tutorials and examples for all aspects of the software.


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