Multi-user Network Features

Network versions of Info-Retriever allow your users to access, print, and edit from the same database at the same time.



Sarah takes a call for a new job and enters it into Info-Retriever from her computer. Tom can then access it immediately from his computer.


Flexible "concurrent licensing" allows you to install Info-Retriever on as many computers on the network as you want. You are only limited in the total number of users that use the database at any given time. Don't worry though, Info-Retriever takes care of this for you with automatic network metering.



  • All users can share the same database at the same time.
  • Flexible concurrent (floating) licensing.
  • Automatic network metering.
  • Simple, easy installation.
  • Nearly maintenance free.


Several network configurations are available (see ordering page).

Info-Retriever Network Edition