Integrated Word Processor

Info-Retriever includes a powerful, fully integrated word processor that works in tandem with the Info-Retriever database.


Write, edit, print, mass produce personalized letters, create invoices, and store valuable data with one software application.


Documents are stored in industry standard RTF format so you can readily use them with other programs such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect.


Info-Retriever's word processor also supports graphics, so you can include images such as your own logo in your letters and other correspondence.

  • Write letters, proposals, specifications, memos and more.
  • Use the mail merge feature to painlessly create letters to a group of contacts.
  • Automatically checks spelling as you type.
  • Supports degree symbol.
  • Insert date and special symbols.
  • Insert other document files.
  • Supports bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Compatible with Word and Word Perfect.
  • Include graphics and tables in your documents.

Mail-merge and form letters

Info-Retriever's mail merge facility allows you to create form letters that you can "merge" with the contact and property data in the database. A wizard walks you through the process step-by-step and help is available at each step.


Custom Reports

Use the mail-merge feature as another way to create custom reports. The ability to place merged fields freely on the page allows you to create reports that cannot be created from the regular report engine.


Mailing Labels

Print mailing labels for your contacts stored in Info-Retriever. There are many standard label sizes to choose from. A "fast" option is also available to use with dot-matrix printers which bypasses Windows and prints raw text directly to the printer.


Mailing labels
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