Benefits of using Legal-Aid

  • Save time
  • Reduce Errors
  • Improve consistency

Save Time!

Create legal descriptions in seconds. Just start the command, select the line work, and the basic legal description is created.

Reduce Errors!

Avoid transposition errors and other typing errors. Bearings, distances and other data is extracted directly from the line work in the drawing, not typed in.

Improve Consistency!

Since your legal descriptions are built from predefined phrases, your deed calls will be the same... every time!

No Add-on's Required

The AutoCAD version of Legal-Aid works directly with your CAD drawing, so no other add-on software is required. If you can create lots from lines, arcs and polylines, then you can use Legal-Aid. And if you don't use AutoCAD but can still create DXF files, use the Stand-Alone version to create the legals.


Legal-Aid is a fully compiled executable and does not use any lisp or macro languages for any of its processing and formatting. This means that Legal-Aid is fast.