Legal-Aid Editing Features

  • Built-in fully functional word processor.
  • Includes spell-check, global find and replace, formatting and more.
  • Compatible with Word and Word Perfect

Built-in Word Processor

Legal-Aid includes a built-in fully functional word processor for final editing and printing of your legal description document. The word processor includes standard features such as spell-check, global find and replace, uppercase/lowercase conversion and more. Legal-Aid document files are saved as RTF files which are compatible with most other word processors including Word and Word Perfect.

Word Processor Features

  • Spell-check with 95,000 word dictionary
  • Spell-check as you type
  • Auto-Correct as you type
  • Global find and replace
  • Fully supports True Type and other Windows fonts.
  • Character formatting (ie: bold, italic etc.)
  • Paragraph formatting including hanging indents
  • Uppercase / Lowercase conversion
  • Drag and Drop editing
  • User configurable tab stops.
  • Reads/writes standard RTF and Text files
  • Supports degree symbols
  • Can zoom document larger or smaller
  • Can insert Files, dates and misc. symbols
  • Can insert files from pop-up menu.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone word processor.
  • Can cut and paste to and from AutoCAD's MText editor.
  • Document files can be imported directly into AutoCAD's MText command. No file conversion is necessary.


Legal-Aid spelling options