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Legal description writer

Create legal descriptions in AutoCAD® and Civil 3D®

This legal description writer software automatically creates legal descriptions from geometry in your AutoCAD drawings giving you a dimensional legal description of the property. Review, edit, and spell-check the legal description with the built-in word processor.

Demo Video - Watch a demo video on YouTube!

Stand-alone version for those that don't have AutoCAD

Don't use AutoCAD? The stand-alone version works with DXF files, which means that it works with any surveying software or CAD program as long as it can export to a DXF file. It works with IntelliCAD, Carlson Survey, Microstation, Cadian and more.


Demo Video - Click here to see it in action!

How it Works!

With the AutoCAD version...

  1. Type "legalaid" at the command prompt.
  2. Follow the prompts to select the boundary. You can use lines, arcs and polylines or click on lot corners.
  3. If desired, select commencing lines.
  4. If desired, enter corner text, or pick it from the drawing.
  5. The legal is created!


"What a great product... Excellent tutorial!"

Steve Dyer, PLS

"Legal-Aid is simply AMAZING!"

Paul Cote', RLS

"...Legal-Aid got here 2 hours ago and I have already done all three jobs I have to describe. Maybe 1000 calls in all. I just can’t believe I have never looked into this before"

Richard E. Perrett, PLS

Fully Customizable Phrases

Legal-Aid gives you full control over the text of each phrase as well as the type and format of bearings and distances.

  • Each text phrase is easily modified
  • Many angle and distance options to choose from
  • Easy to use phrase editor

Phrases are stored in what we call a "phrase library". You can set up 10 different phrase libraries to use as you wish.

Shared Phrase Libraries (Check this out!)

If you have several Legal-Aid users, you can place your phrase libraries on your server or network where everyone can use them. No need to copy configuration files to each workstation.

Legal writer phrase editorPhrase editor


  • Create legals by selecting lines, arcs and polylines, or by creating DXF files of the parcel
  • Also create legals by snapping to endpoints or intersections. All object snap modes are supported.
  • Create up to 10 individual phrase libraries.
  • Embed codes for bold, italics, underline, and upper/lowercase right in your phrases.
  • Automatically detects tangent/non-tangent curves, compound curves and reverse curves.
  • Supports calls from the Point of Commencement to the Point of beginning.
  • Enter corner descriptions right from within your drawing. No need to go back and insert them later.
  • Enter corner descriptions by selecting text entities from the drawing.
  • All phrase text is totally editable
  • Include as much or as little dimensional information in phrases.
  • Display full precision area, or area based on the precision of the legal description (like a map-check routine) (or both!).

  • Reverse closed parcel direction at any time (clockwise / counter-clockwise)
  • Legal description can be rotated from within Legal-Aid to match other bearing systems.
  • Built-in word processor with spell-check, find & replace and upper/lowercase conversion.
  • Check spelling automatically while you type.
  • Finished legals can be cut & pasted or imported into Word, Word Perfect, or back into AutoCAD.
  • No need to leave your CAD program. Legal-Aid runs right from the command line.
  • Works directly with AutoCAD. No additional add-on's required.
  • Compatible with all survey programs that create or import geometry in AutoCAD, or that can create DXF files.
  • AutoCAD versions are available for AutoCAD R14.01 and above including Civil 3D and Land Desktop..
  • Includes multi-media tutorial movies.