LotPlot Coordinate Geometry

Calculate, review, design, and draw with LotPlot's built-in COGO routines. All COGO points can be accessed by name or picked from the screen with the mouse.

  • 16 character alphanumeric point names
  • 64 character point descriptions
  • COGO points can be used with nearly all drawing commands

Bearing and distance recall

Easily retrieve the bearing or distance between two COGO points by simply entering the point names separated by a dash (example: Point1-Point2). You can also apply basic arithmetic to the recalled bearing or distance. Bearing and distance recall can be used with both COGO and CAD commands.


Suppose you want to set a point halfway along a boundary line between points 10 and 11.

  1. Start the Traverse command.
  2. For the horizontal angle, enter "10-11".
  3. For the horizontal distance, enter "10-11/2".
  4. Finish the rest of the traverse command. The point will be set as desired.


On line two we told LotPlot to use the bearing from point 10 to point 11. On line 3 we told LotPlot to take the distance from point 10 to point 11, and then divide it by 2.

Draw with COGO points

COGO points can be used with nearly all of the CAD commands in LotPlot. For instance, you can draw lines from point to point just by entering the point names.

Partial list of COGO routines. ( Click here for a complete list )

  • New Setup
  • Traverse
  • Side-shot
  • Curve traverse
  • Inverse
  • Curve inverse
  • Check closure
  • Radial stakeout
  • Set a point by station-offset
  • Inverse a point by station-offset
  • 3 Point resection
  • Bearing-bearing intersection
  • Bearing-distance intersection
  • Distance-distance intersection
  • Offset intersection
  • Curve by centerline and radius
  • Curve by centerline and tangent
  • Curve by centerline and degree of curve (both arc and chord)
  • Set radius point from 3 points on a curve
  • Enter, balance, and adjust field data in the input reduction spreadsheet