ProCogo LT - DXF Point Extraction

You know the situation. You're hired to do some stakeout for an engineer or architect. They even give you a drawing file to work from..... but alas, they didn't give you any COGO points.


With ProCogo, this is not a problem. Simply create a DXF file of the drawing elements you need COGO points for and import them into ProCogo. COGO points are then extracted from the DXF file and stored in ProCogo, ready for you to use however you wish.

  • Extract (create) COGO points from DXF files
  • Extract (create) elevation information
  • Extract from specific layers
  • Automatically discards duplicate points
  • Extract COGO points from lines, arcs, polyline vertices, block insertion points and numeric text
ProCogo-LT, extract points from a DXF file.