ProCogo LT - List of Features

COGO - Coordinate Geometry

  • Traverse, curve traverse, inverse, side-shot, area, closure
  • Calculate elevations by zenith angle, vertical angle, vertical distance or direct entry
  • Calculate slope reduction by zenith angle or vertical angle
  • Predetermined areas, hinge and trapezoid methods
  • Radial Stakeout
  • Curve stakeout by Deflections
  • Vertical curve stakeout
  • Set and inverse points by station-offset along a linear baseline
  • Set and inverse points by station-offset along a curved baseline
  • Bearing-bearing, bearing-distance, distance-distance intersections
  • Offset intersections
  • Offsets to a centerline
  • Calculate curves by centerline and radius; or tangent or degree of curve (both arc and chord methods)
  • Three point resections
  • Three point curve
  • Best-fit line and arc fitting
  • Rotate / Translate COGO points
  • Points adjustment routine for adjusting existing traverses
  • Edit and enter, list, delete, and lock COGO points
  • COGO results can be echoed to the printer as you work
  • COGO results can be selectively printed
  • COGO results can be copied and pasted into other programs like a word processor
  • Description prompting can be toggled on or off as desired
  • Descriptions are saved in a pull-down list as they are entered for quick access
  • Supports U.S. Survey feet, International feet, and Meters
  • Capacity of 99,999 COGO points


Data Entry

  • Bearing recall between COGO points
  • Distance recall between COGO points
  • Enter bearings, azimuths, or angles at anytime
  • Angles and distances can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided during entry
  • Point protection offers options to Replace, rename, use next, disable, or cancel current command
  • Visual point protection shows sketch of point conflict

Point Grouping

  • Can be used to automate all commands that work with groups or ranges of points
  • Point group files can contain simple lists of points as well as basic inversing instructions
  • Point group files can be used to manage single lots or entire subdivisions
  • Built-in point group editor
  • Easy point group troubleshooting



  • Import COGO data from ASCII, Maptech, CadVantage, DXF and ProCogo formats
  • Export COGO data to ASCII, Maptech, CadVantage and DXF formats
  • Export graphics data to DXF
  • Import/Export routines are customizable
  • Renumber during import, including absolute and relative renumbering options
  • Extract COGO points from DXF files (DXF import)


View Options

  • View results as text, graphics or both
  • Graphics display plots in real-time
  • Text window can be scrolled back to review previous results
  • Angular output is configurable to show bearings, azimuth, angle right and angle left
  • User definable decimal places for distances, coordinates, elevations and angles
  • Text and graphics are stored between sessions



  • Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom All
  • Zoom Auto automatically adjusts viewing area to include new points that fall outside of view limits
  • Scroll bars on graphics window provide easy panning
  • Quick-pan performs pan with single mouse click
  • Quick zoom performs zoom with mouse drag event
  • Display point names, elevations, and descriptions
  • Point names, elevations and descriptions auto-scale on the screen so they can be read at any zoom scale
  • Draw lines and arcs
  • Plot graphics to scale on most Windows compatible printers
  • Export lines, arcs and point data to CAD packages through DXF files

User Interface

  • Easy-to-use "Visual" interface is provided through the use of pull-down menus, dialog boxes and icons
  • Context sensitive help available at all times
  • Speed-keys and text commands available for fast access to most commands
  • Printer echo, point protection and description prompts can be quickly toggled on and off with Hotkeys
  • Save button on toolbar provides one button save capability
  • RPN and Curve calculators can be launched from within ProCogo


Input Reduction - Traverse Adjustment

  • Enter and edit field data in Spreadsheet format
  • Traverse start and closing information is stored with the field data so it only has to be entered once
  • Field data is stored in its raw form exactly as it was entered or last edited
  • Angle balancing
  • Transit, compass rule, and Crandall adjustments
  • Adjust elevations
  • Enter and average multiple angles, distances and zenith angles
  • Input Reduction reports include Field Notes, Closure, and Traverse


RPN & Curve Calculator

  • Reverse polish notation
  • General trig and power functions
  • HMS+ and HMS-
  • HMS mode allows trig functions to work on HMS angles without having to convert to decimal degrees
  • Calculator understands distance and area units such as feet, meters, square feet, acres, hectares, etc.
  • Curve calculator calculates delta, radius, arc length, chord length, tangent, mid-ordinate, external, degree of curve (both arc and chord) and curve area
  • Calculator can be launched from within ProCogo
  • Calculator can be used with most other Windows programs
  • Calculator can be made to "stay on top" for easy access.


Documentation and Training

  • Comprehensive 210+ page electronic manual
  • Online context sensitive help (just press F1)
  • Multi-Media tutorials using real-world examples