ProCogo LT - Coordinate Geometry

Fast and easy survey calculations.

Simple, straightforward
Coordinate Geometry


ProCogo LT focuses on simplicity!



ProCogo LT is not a CAD program! If you prefer to work directly with COGO points then this program is for you. Ideal for users of Maptech, PackSoft, Wild and HP software.


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Includes a free copy of our RPN and

Curve calculator software

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ProCogo-LT, affordable coordinate geometry.

Fast, Easy COGO for Land Surveyors

ProCogo LT provides you with quick, straightforward coordinate geometry for your land surveying or civil engineering business without all the hassle and expense of big CAD based systems. Instead of waiting for your big CAD/Survey COGO system to load just to get a quick point list or stakeout sheet, ProCogo's clean intuitive user interface lets you do the COGO calculations you need and the get the printouts you want in record time.

More affordable than ever!

Now sold on a yearly subscription basis, you pay only $299 to enroll and $199 annually from the second year. Subscription includes one year of use, updates, service packs and operating system changes as they become available.

Create Legal Descriptions

Included in this bundle is "Legal-Aid pc" (Legal-aid for ProCogo). This is a special version of our popular Legal-Aid program for AutoCAD that has been modified to work with ProCogo. It includes all of the features of the AutoCAD version except that it works with ProCogo.


  • Clean layout is easy to learn and use. No more wading through layers of dialog boxes or crowded menus.
  • Plot graphics on screen as you work to catch blunders as they occur.
  • ProCogo remembers the last 2000 lines of calculations so you can scroll back and review them at any time.
  • Includes ProCalc 3.0 pop-up RPN and curve calculator software.
  • Best-fit line and curve fitting.
  • Automated inversing with point groups
  • Adjust field data, or a traverse of already calculated COGO points
  • Transit, Compass, and Crandall rule adjustments
  • Edit field data with full screen spreadsheet style editor
  • Bearing and distance recall

  • Three point curve
  • Three point resection
  • Curve and vertical curve stakeout
  • Station/Offset routines
  • Predetermined areas
  • Intersections
  • Offsets to a centerline
  • Rotate/Translate/Scaling
  • Supports zenith angle, vertical angle, vertical distance and direct elevation entry
  • Supports U.S. Survey feet, International feet, and meters
  • Can send data directly to Legal-Aid to create legal descriptions without leaving ProCogo.