Volume Calculations

ProCogo XL can calculate the volume difference between two surfaces. Use this to determine how much earth has been moved to a spoil pile or removed from a borrow pit.

To calculate volumes, you must create a surface for both before and after earth has been moved.


1. Natural Ground (before)

Create shots of the ground before any excavating has been done, then make a surface with them.


2. Finished Ground (after)

When excavation has been completed, take a second set of shots and create a second surface.


3. Calculate the Volume

Now using the two surfaces, you will create what is called a "Volume Surface". Using the "Volume Surface" you can print out a report of the total volume difference between the natural ground and finished ground surfaces. You can also label the cut and fill of any location on the surface. If you turn the contours on, their values will represent the cut and fill instead of elevation.