CAD Features

ProCogo XL includes a complete set of CAD commands to draw your maps and plats. You can draw using COGO points, or draw freehand. All CAD routines have the same accuracy and precision as the COGO routines so you can design with CAD just as accurately as with COGO.

  • Draw lines and arcs
  • Draw tracts (polylines)
  • Draw and create custom symbols
  • Draw text and paragraph text
  • Draw text along an arc
  • Insert and trace images
  • Draw bar scales
  • Over 30 line-types
  • Precision snap modes
  • Layers and grouping
  • Export to Google Earth
  • Export to AutoCAD DXF
  • Automatic bearing and distance labels
  • Custom bearing & distance placement

Editing Commands

A complete set of editing tools are provided that allow you to do things like trim, extend, or break lines and arcs, and to drag an endpoint to a new location.

  • Move
  • Copy (with repeat)
  • Rotate
  • Scale
  • Nudge
  • Move endpoint
  • Group/ungroup
  • Scale image
  • Fit image
  • Align objects
  • Break
  • Break at line crossings
  • Trim
  • Extend
  • Trim to Intersection
  • Fillet
  • Offset
  • Offset tract
  • Explode block
  • Explode tract
  • Join
  • Change properties
  • Divide line
  • Divide arc
  • Move line label
  • Move tract label

Lines and Arcs

Lines and arcs have the following features and properties.

  • They can be drawn with the mouse.
  • They can be drawn from COGO points.
  • They can include bearing & distance labels.
  • Bearing and distance automatically update if a line is modified.
  • They can have their own color and line-type.
  • They can include arrowheads at either end.
Lines and arcs

Tracts (Polylines)

A tract entity is similar to a POLYLINE in AutoCAD (but better!). They can be used not only for drawing parcels but also for drawing roads, setbacks, fence lines and more.

  • Tract entities automatically calculate their area.
  • Can be filled with a color or hatch pattern.
  • Can include bearings and distances.
  • Bearings and distances automatically update if the tract is modified.
  • Usually used to describe a lot or parcel but can be used to draw other features such as a road, centerline, fence, or easement.
  • Can be used to automatically create a legal-description with the included ProCogo XL version of Legal-Aid.
Tract (similar to a polyline)

Text including Arc Text

There are three types of text entities that you can use. Regular text, multi-text (for paragraphs), and arc text.

  • All text can be rotated in any direction.
  • Multi-text will automatically word-wrap to whatever paragraph width that you specify.
  • Arc text can pull curve data from the underlying arc and display it.
  • You can place text on up to 5 concentric bands both inside and outside of the arc.
Text, multi-text, and arc text.

Blocks (Symbols)

Blocks are symbols that you can create and use throughout your drawings.

  • Over 40 blocks are included with the program.
  • You can also create your own blocks to use.
  • Blocks can store data such as tree size or monument number. These are called "attributes" and you can create as many as you wish for each block.
  • Blocks can be assigned to feature codes and automatically placed when importing ASCII point files or raw data files (*.rw5)
  • Blocks have their own scale factor to control their size in the drawing.


Over 30 line-types to choose from.



Add images such as aerials or scanned maps. Tract TOPO features or use them for a location map.


Insert Images