Coordinate Geometry (COGO)

Simple straightforward coordinate geometry.

All of the standard COGO routines are here such as traverse, inverse, side-shot, rotation/translation, intersections, closure/adjustment and more. Use bearings, angles or azimuths at anytime. You never need to switch modes or restart a command. Easily see your calculations along with your line-work side by side as you work. Easily create new COGO points from line-work with just a few mouse clicks.

The COGO Text window

COGO calculations are printed in the COGO window as you work. Use the mouse wheel to scroll back and review the last 2000 lines of computations! The text can be edited, copied and pasted, and printed. Also, it is stored right inside the file so its always there the next time you open the drawing.

No angle modes... ever!

Enter any type of angle and any time. You never have to switch modes to enter an angle or bearing Instead, you can enter any bearing, azimuth, angle or deflection angle at any time.

Efficient command structure

You can jump to nearly any COGO routine at any time. Even when in the middle of another command. No need to back out of a command sequence or get distracted with what you want to do next... just do it. Use hotkeys and text commands for added speed.

Bearing & distance recall

Suppose you are traversing and need the bearing from point 10 to point 11. Just enter "10-11" and the program does a quick inverse and grabs it for you. This works for nearly any prompt that asks for angular input. Same thing for distances.

Bearing & distance arithmetic

Any time you use bearing or distance recall, you can additionally add, subtract, multiply, or divide the result. Maybe you want to set a point halfway between point 55 and 56. Enter "55-56/2" and ProCogo XL will take take the distance from 55 to 56, then divide it in half.

COGO Commands

  • New Setup
  • Traverse
  • Inverse
  • Side-shot
  • Curve traverse
  • Capture raw data
  • Calculate area
  • Calculate closure
  • Predetermined area
    • Swinging side
    • Sliding side
    • Radial side
    • Parcel can be any size and shape (including curves!)
  • Curves
    • From 3 points along arc
    • From centerline & radius
    • From centerline & tangent
    • Centerline and D.O.C (arc)
    • Centerline and D.O.C (chord)
  • Radial stakeout
  • Circular curve stakeout
  • Vertical curve stakeout
  • Best fit line
  • Best fit arc
  • Three point resection
  • Balance/adjust raw data
  • Adjust existing COGO points

  • Station Offset
    • Set points
    • Inverse points
  • Intersections
    • Bearing-bearing (2 methods)
    • Bearing-distance
    • Distance-distance
    • Perpendicular intersection
    • Offset intersection by points
    • Offset intersection by line-work
  • Rotate/Translate/Scale
    • Points only
    • Points and line-work
  • Set Point
    • Manually by coordinates
    • Relative to another point
    • Pick in a drawing
    • Pick from a surface
    • Create from line-work
  • Points Management
    • Enter/edit points
    • List points
    • Compare points
    • Delete points
    • Raise or lower points