Office Calendar

Use the calendar to keep track of important meetings and other events. Each user has their own personal calendar. You can also create appointments for other users as well as create a share "group" appointment.

  • Day, week, and agenda views.
  • Create appointments for others.
  • Create shared "group" appointments.
  • Set reminders that pop-up on your screen.

You can change the time increment along the left side and also select a custom range of dates by dragging across the date navigator in the upper right.


Located on the right side of the screen is the task list. You can set tasks for yourself as well as for others.

Shared Appointments and Tasks

Schedule meetings and other events for a group of people all at once. The appointment shows up on all of the recipients calendars and if the appointment changes, it is automatically updated on everyone else's calendar as well.

  • Shared appointments show up on all recipients calendars.
  • If rescheduled, it us updated for everyone.
  • Also create shared tasks.

This is a very powerful feature.

Agenda View

Print out your agenda for the day, week, or month (or any date range).