Retriever Enterprise with remote access!

Run your business from home, the office, or even out in the field!

Run your business better!

  • Connect to your database over the internet!
  • Remote access to jobs and clients!
  • Turn in time entries without having to stop by the office!
  • Includes all of the database features of our Info-Retriever program.



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Organize your office with Retriever Enterprise

Over 80 ways to search for contacts,
jobs and survey control!

Remote Office Database for Surveyors

Welcome to Retriever Enterprise, the next generation information organizer from AGT. Retriever Enterprise raises the bar with true remote database capabilities. Now using the reach of the internet, you can log in to your database from home, on the road, or even out in the field (literally!)

Keep track of clients and jobs

Find contacts and jobs quickly and easily. Search on virtually any field in the database. Keep track of appointments, documents, time and more. All of your data is stored in a central location on your server where everyone can access it both in the office and out in the field.


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