Manage Jobs & Properties

Use the property view to keep records of job and property information. Record and track time spent on each job. Keep a running list of notes, and attach all drawings, COGO files, field notes and aerials for the job.

  • Search for jobs by nearly any field on the screen.
  • Keep track of the jobs for each of your clients.
  • Write notes about each job.
  • Notes can be formatted with bullets, bold, italics, and color.
  • Enter and track time for each job.
  • Attach drawing files, spreadsheets, field notes, scans, photos and more to each job.
  • Create location maps of your jobs in Google Earth.
  • Create custom forms that automatically populate with information pulled from the current job.
  • Eight extra fields are included for you to rename and use as needed.


Use the Map-It feature to look up a client or job address in Google Maps!


It's this easy!

  • Right-click the address field.
  • In the pop-up menu, select "Map-It".
  • Retriever opens your browser and looks up the address (internet access is required).

Job & Property Fields

Below is a list of data that can be stored with each job.

  • Job number
  • Drawing number
  • Property name
  • Property location
  • Section/Township/Range
  • County
  • District
  • Land-Lot
  • Area
  • Frontage
  • Plat book and page
  • Block and lot
  • Subdivision
  • Where filed
  • Tax map
  • Zoning
  • Client
  • Date entered
  • Comments (unlimited size)
  • Improvements (unlimited size)
  • Description of work to be done
  • Date needed
  • Assigned to
  • Requested by
  • Job status
  • Certify to
  • Job contact
  • Job phone
  • Job fax
  • Job email
  • Job address
  • Job city, state, zip
  • Job Extra (4 extra fields for you to use as desired)
  • Job notes
  • Benchmark tie
  • Monument tie
  • Time entries
  • Documents
  • Files, including drawing files, field notes, or any other file on your computer.
  • Scanned images
  • 8 Extra fields for you to rename and use as desired