Manage Your Business

Retriever Enterprise's database is customized to need the needs of land surveying and civil engineering firms. The program provides a central location for managing and organizing your day-to-day information.

Keep track of jobs, contacts, appointments, tasks, time, documents, drawings, survey control and more... all in one central location.


Retriever Enterprise helps you organize and easily retrieve the information you need to run your business.

Store and Manage:

  • Jobs and properties
  • Clients and contacts
  • Survey control
  • Appointments and tasks
  • Time and billing
  • Drawings, field notes and other files
  • Correspondence
Office Management

Other Features:

  • Over 80 ways to search your data.
  • Field names can be customized to your own needs.
  • Attach and launch AutoCAD drawings right from Retriever Enterprise.
  • Create location maps of your jobs and benchmarks in Google Earth.
  • Track time for each job, then bill for it in Retriever Enterprise, or send it over to QuickBooks for billing.
  • Create invoices and payments, or connect to QuickBooks for invoicing.


  • Use and create forms such as transmittals, work orders, letters, fax cover sheets and more.
  • Create work orders and track job progress.
  • Create appointments and tasks.
  • Scan in field notes, aerials, surveys and photos, and attach them to any client, job or survey control point.
  • Keep running notes of phone conversations and meetings.
  • Write letters and proposals.
  • Print mailing labels.