Connect from Anywhere*

Look up jobs, contacts, and survey control from your office, home, or even when you are out in the field! Multiple offices can all share the same database. Remote software like LogmeIn, Zoom or Webex is not required.*

Client/Server Database Technology

Retriever Enterprise uses a "client/server" database which has the following advantages over traditional file server databases.

  • Excellent performance, even over slower internet connections.
  • Increased capacity (more jobs and contacts without slowing down).
  • Increased security. Your database files can be safely stored on a secure server. The actual database files never need to be shared with employees.
Office Management

*Remote Access Requirements

Connecting to the Retriever Enterprise database from inside of your office only requires an Ethernet connection. However to access the database from outside of your office (over an internet connection), you will need to have your IT staff set up a static IP address and port forward through your router.


If you wish to use the file attachment features remotely, you must have either a virtual private network (VPN) or have your files stored on a cloud file service such as Drop Box or pDrive.