Requirements for Remote Access

These requirements apply if you wish to connect to your Retriever Enterprise database from a remote location over an internet connection.

If you only wish to run the software internally on your office network, then you can ignore this section.


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Static IP address and Port Forward

In order for a remote copy of Retriever Enterprise to be able to "see" your database from outside of your office, the following changes must be made to your internet service and router. None of these tasks are particularly difficult however we cannot assist in configuration changes to your network or internet service. Please talk with your IT staff about setting up these requirements. We cannot do this for you.


Static IP Address

Contact your internet provider and ask them if your internet plan includes a Static IP address. If not, tell them that you wish to get one. This will be the IP address that you will enter into your workstations to connect to the database.


Port Forward

You must configure your router to "port forward" the port number that the database server uses. The port number must be forwarded to "Retriever_Server.exe".



If it isn't already, the Retriever_Server.exe application must be allowed through the firewall on your server.


To use "File Attachments"

If you wish to remotely use the feature where you can attach files to a job or contact, you must set up a Virtual Private Network, or store those files using a file sharing service such as DropBox. This is only necessary if you wish to access attached files remotely outside of your office.


DropBox (or equivalent)

If you wish to use this method, you must be sure to save all of the files that you want to attach to, to the shared DropBox folder. DropBox must also be installed on all other computers that you wish to be able to access the files on. See the documentation that comes with DropBox for more information on setting up DropBox.


Virtual Private Network (Advanced)

Using this method, you will configure folders and drives on your server so that they also show up on your workstation across an internet connection. You must purchase and set up the VPN yourself (it is not part of Retriever Enterprise).


Remote Access Requirement for the Workstations

In order to have your workstation access the Retriever database remotely, you will need to have a "reasonable" internet connection. DSL service is not fast enough. If you cell phone supports tethering, you may be able to connect with that well.


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