Time and Billing

Record and track the time that you spend on your jobs and then bill for it. If you use QuickBooks you can send the time entries directly over to QuickBooks for billing, otherwise, you can use the invoices provided by Retriever Enterprise.

  • Enter and track time for each job.
  • View time entries right in the job window.
  • Send time entries directly to QuickBooks...... or
  • Create invoices in Retriever Enterprise.

QuickBooks Support

If you use QuickBooks, you can send jobs and clients to and from QuickBooks. Enter it once, then send it over to the other program.... no need to entery a job or client twice. Time entries can also be sent over to QuickBooks for billing.


Info-Retriever connects directly to QuickBooks avoiding the hassles of dealing with transfer files.


Click here for QuickBooks requirements