Grading with Civil 3D®

This lesson series takes you through the steps to set up and calculate grading for a set of building pads and a cul-de-sac. Topics include grading setup and configuration, raising or lowering a building pad and balancing cut and fill. These lessons are taught by a practicing civil engineer using real-world projects and data.



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Grading with Civil 3D

Lesson Contents

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Settings
    • Grading groups and sites
    • One vs. many grading groups
    • Overview of grading settings
  • Setting up grading criteria
    • Setting the grading method
    • Setting cut and fill options
    • Creating and editing additional grading criteria
  • Feature lines
    • Using feature lines to control how grading is processed
    • Use feature lines for curbs, walls, building pads, ditches, berms and more
    • Creating feature lines
    • Editing feature lines properties
  • Grading groups
    • Creating grading groups
    • How grading groups work with other Civil 3D projects
    • Calculating grades
  • Editing grading/feature lines
    • Changing the fill slope
    • Watch out for UNDO
    • Using the grading editor
    • The power of feature lines
  • Volumes
    • Calculating volumes
    • Raising or lowering a building pad
    • Balancing cut and fill
  • Summary and review