Paperspace / Modelspace

Learn how to customize and configure AutoCAD with the CUI editor. Introduced in AutoCAD 2006, the CUI has totally changed how AutoCAD is customized. And is this a good thing? You bet! Now you can customize your AutoCAD environment from one central location.

Paperspace/Modelspace is one of the most
powerful features in AutoCAD!

  • Tool Palettes are not simply repackaged toolbars!
  • Tool Palettes are not just another upgrade gimmick!
  • Tool Palettes ARE a genuine key to real productivity.


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AutoCAD paperspace/modelspace

Plan & profile made easy

For instance, in the past, plotting plan & profile meant creating a separate drawing for each sheet. But with Paperspace/Modelspace, you create the layouts for all of the sheets, right in the same drawing! If any changes are required, using the old method you would have to go back and update each and every sheet before you could do another plot. With Paperspace, simply edit the main drawing and the changes are reflected in each of the sheet layouts automatically!

Create detail views that update themselves

Need a detail view? Simply create another MView, then zoom and pan (or scale) the drawing until you get it where you want it. Next, draw an arrow back to the detail location in the main drawing. Now anytime you edit the drawing, the detail view is automatically updated as well.


Independent text, layers and dimensions

Create notes, annotations, legends and more. The text is only shown in the Paperspace layout, not in the main drawing. You can also turn layers on and off in each view, without affecting the layer settings in your drawing.

AutoCAD paperspace/modelspace

Lesson Contents

  • Getting Started
    • Introduction
    • Layout tabs
    • Creating MViews
    • MView options
    • Scaling a model view
    • Text in paperspace
    • Moving between mviews
  • Layers in Paperspace
    • Layer basics
    • The VPLAYER command
  • Line-types and View Resolution
    • Scaling line-types
    • View resolution

  • The UCS in Paperspace
    • How to work with the UCS when working in paperspace
  • Paperspace in Action
    • Rotating the UCS
    • Creating new layout tabs
    • Setting the scale
  • Matchlines
    • Creating matchlines
    • Using the MView polygonal command
    • Creating polygonal mviews
    • Plan & profile example

  • Advanced Techniques
    • Advanced layers
    • Advanced text
    • Plotting mviews
    • Plotting multiple mviews
    • Creating a detail view
    • Dimensions in paperspace
    • The VIEW command
    • Inserting north arrows