Roadwork in Civil 3D®

This video series takes a look at the features, routines, and commands in Civil 3D that pertain specifically to roadway design. The lessons are taught by a practicing civil engineer using real-world projects.



Includes the lesson series for Civil 3D Styles.



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Editing profile views

Offset alignments



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Road layout in civil 3D

Lesson Contents

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Alignments
    • Introduction
    • Alignment styles
    • Types of alignments
    • Fixed, floating & free entities
    • Creating alignments
    • Alignment properties
    • Design criteria
    • Editing with Grips
    • Using the alignment editor
    • Offset alignments
    • Widening an alignment
    • Super elevations
    • Station/geometry/offset labeling
    • Line and curve tables
  • Profiles
    • Profile styles
    • Profile view styles
    • Existing surface sampling
    • Layout/proposed profiles
    • Editing profiles (grips)
    • Editing profiles (layout editor)
    • Editing profile views
    • Splitting a profile view

  • Assemblies & Sub-assemblies
    • The subassembly tool palette
    • Creating an assembly
    • Editing an assembly
    • Adding to the tool palette
    • The components of a corridor
    • Creating a corridor
    • Editing a corridor
    • Points, links, shapes, and feature lines
    • Corridor surfaces
    • Volume calculations
    Advanced Corridor Functions
    • Intersections
    • Cul-de-sacs
    • Roundabouts
  • Cross-Sections
    • Cross section styles
    • Cross section view styles
    • Creating the sample lines
    • Creating the section views
    • Material lists
    • Volumes/mass haul reports
  • Summary and Review