Civil 3D® Sheet Sets Training

Learn how to use Sheet Sets to organize
and publish your projects.

This video series shows you how to use this great tool to improve the organization and publishing of the drawings and layouts in your projects. While this series is recorded in Civil 3D, it applies equally to AutoCAD as well.


  • Manage all of the drawing files and layouts for a project from one central location.
  • Group related drawings together such as grading or erosion.
  • Fill in title blocks for all of the drawings in the set at one time.
  • Automatically plot the entire set, or just a portion of it.


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Sheet sets

Lesson Contents


  • The purpose of a sheet set
  • Introduction to custom sheet set properties
  • Plotting and publishing
  • Sheet set terminology and file types
  • Organizing files and layouts with subsets

Creating a basic sheet set

  • Creating the sheet set
  • Using the sheet set

Creating a custom sheet set

  • Creating the sheet set
  • Adding a title block
  • Creating custom properties for the title block
  • Creating fields for the title block
  • Using the custom fields to fill in the title block

Creating a sheet set from a template

  • Adding layouts
  • Organizing with subsets
  • Editing properties for the entire sheet set
  • Editing properties for only a single sheet

Other functions

  • Various methods to open a sheet set
  • "Re save All Sheets" command
  • "Archive" command
  • "ETransmit" command
  • "Rename and Renumber" command
  • "Insert drawing list" command

Publishing (the PUBLISH command)

  • Publish options
  • Creating custom page setups
  • Publish options
  • Printing sheets in reverse order
  • Publishing the sheet set
  • Using the PUBLISHCOLLATE system variable