Commercial Site Design with Civil 3D®

Taught by a practicing civil engineer, this lesson series takes you chronologically through a real project starting with importing the field data through creating the final sheets for construction plans. Along the way we'll cover creation of the existing surface and planimetrics; then creation of the proposed site, with building, curbs, and utilities; followed by the creation of the proposed surface, pipes and profiles. The series also includes using appropriate layers and layer states.


As an added bonus, all of the drawings, field files and templates used in this series are included!


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Lesson Contents

Commercial Site Design with Civil 3D

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Prototypes and Projects Settings
    • Using Vault
    • The prototype drawing
    • Creating a new project and drawing in Vault
  • Processing the Field Data
    • Creating and editing point styles
    • Point label styles
    • Description keys
    • Figure prefix database
    • Importing the field book file
  • Creating the boundary & existing entities
    • Parcel styles, line label styles, area label styles
    • Creating the parcels, editing the styles
    • Drawing in building lines, easements, labeling entities, etc.
  • Creating the existing ground surface
    • Surface styles and data types
    • Creating the surface
    • Surface styles
    • Label the contours, edit the surface, smooth the surface.
  • Laying out the proposed building/curbs/utilities
    • Laying out the proposed parking/entrance
    • Inserting the building
  • Creating proposed grading/surface
    • Figuring out slopes, spot elevations
    • Creating feature lines for the curb and building
    • Editing feature lines
    • Creating the grading group/objects
    • Creating the surface/editing the surface
  • Sewer/Storm/Water plan & profiles
    • Lay out proposed water
    • Pipe network parts lists
    • Creating existing sewer network
    • Creating proposed water/sewer/storm networks
    • Creating alignments/profiles/profile views
  • Creating layer states and layouts from a template
    • Adding additional plan info
    • Creating the layer states
    • Plan templates (plan and detail sheets)
    • Adding a sheet set
    • Saving as a template drawing
  • Summary and review