Field to Finish with Autodesk Land Desktop

Subdivision Design

From Field-to-Finish

With Multimedia Training CDs from AGT


Follow along with the instructor as he takes an actual project from Field-to-Finish using Autodesk Land Desktop, Civil Design and Survey.


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Subdivision Design

This training series walks you through a real-world project starting with setting up the prototype project through creating the individual sheets for the construction plans.





Lesson Contents

  • Introduction
  • Templates & Prototypes
    • The importance of the prototype
    • The template drawing
    • The prototype project
    • Creating a new drawing and prototype
  • Point Settings
    • Overview
    • Description keys
  • Bringing in the field data
    • Processing the field data
  • Adding Existing Features
      • Draw existing entities
      • Existing ground and contours
  • Adding Proposed Features
    • Proposed road layout
    • Proposed lot layout
  • Drawing Cleanup Enhancements
    • Drawing cleanup wizard
  • Creating Road Profiles
    • Existing ground profile
    • Proposed ground profile
    • Section sampling & creating the template
    • Design control
    • Plotting cross sections & volumes
    • Creating the road surface
  • Sewer & Storm Profiles
    • Setting the defaults
    • Defining pipe runs & alignments
    • Drawing pipe profiles & plan
  • Creating Layouts and Plotting
    • Creating sheets and layouts
    • Publishing the sheets
    • Saving the prototype settings
  • Summary and Review


Requirements: Pentium or faster computer, 1280 x 960 or higher video resolution, sound card and speakers, CD-ROM drive, 256 MB RAM. Windows XP and above for most versions. Macromedia flash player 5.0 or higher.


Basic installation requires 10 MB hard drive space. Additional hard drive space is required if you choose to store the lesson files on your hard drive instead of running them from the CD-ROM. Note that lesson files can be stored on a network hard drive and shared among other registered users of the product. (A separate copy must be purchased for each computer that you wish to run the software on.)