AutoCAD Map Training Series

AutoCAD Map Training

With Multimedia Training CDs from AGT


Did you know that each copy of Autodesk Land Desktop also includes Autodesk Map?


But do you know how to use it? Do you even know what it is? Well now you can find out with our training series for Autodesk Map


This series is a set of cd-rom based training movies that explain what Autodesk Map is and how to use it. Make no mistake! This is not a series of fancy slides or clever animations..... what you will see is the actual Map program being put through its paces as the instructor explains how to use the software.


What makes Autodesk Map so powerful?

Data - Autodesk Map allows you to connect data to the objects in your map. For example, a road drawn in AutoCAD is nothing more than a line. However in Autodesk MAP, the same road can be a link between two streets, or the border between wetland and urban development.


Queries - Create new maps based on a specific set of conditions. For instance, find all water pipes of a certain diameter, or valves of a certain type. You could query a subdivision to show all lots having a particular frontage or area.


Topologies - Topology describes how objects connect and relate to one another. Organize graphical and textual data in a manner that allows you to perform spatial analysis such as network tracing and shortest-path routing.


Thematic Maps - Create new maps by emphasizing specific information. For instance, you can use a wider line to draw roads with high traffic volume, or or use dotted lines for gravel roads.




Lesson Outline for Map 5 & 6

  • Getting Started
    • Introduction
    • Overview of options
    • Creating a Map project
    • Opening a project
  • Map Objects
    • Creating objects
    • Types of Map objects
    • Drawing cleanup
    • Review of Map objects
  • Object Data
    • Creating the object data table
    • Editing the object data table
    • Document views
    • Review of object data
  • External Databases
    • Creating a new database
    • Attaching an external database
  • Data Views
    • Introduction to the data view
    • Editing the data view
  • Queries
    • Defining a query
    • Reusing and editing queries
  • Topology
    • Topology types
    • Node topology
    • Network topology
    • Polygon topology
  • Editing and Analyzing Topologies
    • Editing topologies
    • Querying topologies
    • Analyzing topologies
  • Thematic Mapping
    • Introduction
    • Creating thematic maps from a database
    • Creating thematic maps from a topology
    • Review
  • COGO Features
    • Using the COGO commands
    • COGO inquiry commands
  • Drawing Cleanup Enhancements
    • Drawing cleanup wizard
  • Features Classification
    • Introduction and function
    • Feature definition files
    • Classifying objects
    • Adding & editing feature classes
  • Topology Enhancements
    • Overview
    • Creating a topology
    • New topology analysis tools
  • Annotation Tools
    • Annotating your objects
    • Modifying annotation


  • The Mapping Polygon
    • Introduction
    • Creating from polylines
    • Creating from existing topology


Requirements: Pentium or faster computer, 1280 x 960 or higher video resolution, sound card and speakers, CD-ROM drive, 256 MB RAM. Windows XP and above for most versions. Macromedia flash player 5.0 or higher.


Basic installation requires 10 MB hard drive space. Additional hard drive space is required if you choose to store the lesson files on your hard drive instead of running them from the CD-ROM. Note that lesson files can be stored on a network hard drive and shared among other registered users of the product. (A separate copy must be purchased for each computer that you wish to run the software on.)