Autodesk Raster Design 2014

With multi-media training videos from AGT.

This powerful add-on allows you to insert and edit images such as aerials or scanned paper documents in your AutoCAD drawings. Rubbersheeting routines allow you to transform the images accurately to match real-world coordinates. In addition, images can be edited and can also be converted into lines, arcs, polylines and text. You can even convert contour lines from an image into polylines for use in your drawing.


Insert aerial photographs into your drawing

With Raster Design, you can insert aerial photographs into your drawing and overlay your line-work on top of them.


Touch-up images without leaving AutoCAD

With Raster Design, you can adjust the colors of an image, sharpen or soften an image, and even clean up stray clutter, without ever leaving AutoCAD.


Trace contours and polylines

Scan and insert a TOPO, then let Raster Design follow along each contour line and convert it to an AutoCAD Polyline.


Learning made easier

Each lesson is presented as a movie that runs on your computer. Watch AutoCAD being put through its paces as the instructor teaches you how to use Raster Design. Its just like having the instructor sitting at your computer while you're watching over his shoulder!

Raster Design


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Lesson Contents

  • Raster Design
    • Introduction
    • Raster and vector data
    • Raster image types
    • Options and settings
  • Inserting and saving
    • Inserting images
    • Importing correlated images (ie: images that have coordinate information)
    • Saving and exporting
  • Correlating Images
    • Aligning and positioning an image to the drawings coordinate system
    • The Match command
    • Rubbersheeting
    • Displace and Scale commands
  • Editing Images
    • Touchup tools
    • Deskew
    • Despeckle
    • Adjusting bias
    • Rub and remove
    • Raster under Vector
    • Cropping tools
    • Process commands
  • Raster Entity Manipulation
    • Overview
    • The Region object
    • Enhanced regions
    • Primitives
    • Other REM commands
  • Raster to Vector
    • Snapping options
    • Vectorizing a line
    • Polylines, arcs and circles
    • Removal methods
    • Vectorizing contours
    • Vectorizing text
    • Text recognition tools
    • Text in tables
  • Review
    • Review of Raster Design