LotPlot - Feature List

Land Surveying Features

  • Plot maps from deeds, plats, surveys, abstracts, legal descriptions, field notes, and data collector files
  • Automatic Deed Reader - Automatically draw a deed from a text file or from Microsoft Word
  • Automatically create legal descriptions from a drawing. (phrases are configurable)
  • Traverse, curve traverse, inverse, side-shot
  • Check lot area and closure
  • Balance angles and apply compass rule adjustment
  • Calculate slope reduction and elevation by zenith angle
  • Predetermined areas, hinge and trapezoid methods
  • Compare lots to see if they overlap and calc area of the overlap
  • Radial Stakeout
  • Horizontal curve stakeout
  • Vertical curve stakeout
  • Set and inverse points by station-offset along a line, arc, or tract line (polyline)
  • Bearing-bearing, bearing-distance, distance-distance intersections
  • Offset intersections
  • Offsets to a centerline
  • Calculate curves by centerline and radius; or tangent or degree of curve (both arc and chord methods)
  • Three point resections
  • Three point curve
  • Rotate / Translate COGO points
  • Place curve and line tables in the drawing
  • Supports U.S. Survey feet, International feet, Feet & inches, Meters, Chains, Poles, Rods, Varas and more.
  • Enter GPS coordinates


COGO Features

  • Alphanumeric point names, up to 16 characters long
  • Descriptions up to 64 characters long
  • Bearing recall between two COGO points
  • Distance recall between two COGO points
  • Inverse points using point ranges
  • Inverse points using Point Group Files (completely compatible with ProCogo group files)
  • Enter bearings, azimuths, or angles at anytime
  • Angles and distances can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided during entry
  • Point protection offers options to Replace, rename, or find next available point name
  • COGO window contains a readout of your COGO computations as you work.
  • COGO computations can be scrolled back for review at any time (up to 2000 lines).
  • COGO readout can be manually edited, printed, and copied and pasted into other programs such as a word processor.
  • Description prompting can be toggled on or off as desired


Data Collection

  • Import and process TDS *.rw5 and *.raw field files
  • Import ProCogo field files*
  • Manually enter field data into the field data editor.
  • Field data is displayed in a spreadsheet for easy editing
  • Balance angles and adjust coordinates using Compass Rule adjustment

View Options

  • Angular output is configurable to show bearings, azimuth, angle right and angle left
  • User definable decimal places for distances, coordinates, elevations and angles
  • Text and graphics are stored between sessions


CAD Features

  • Over 30 line-types to choose from, including custom text line-types.
  • Group and ungroup objects as needed.
  • Create custom, reusable symbols with the Block features
  • Insert and trace images including aerials or TOPO maps
  • Draw roads and cul-de-sacs
  • Draw easements and setback lines
  • User configurable scaled hatching
  • Select object by mouse click, a window, or select items from a list.
  • Specify text sizes in points. Text is always printed at the size you specify regardless of the plot scale that you are using.
  • Zoom and pan command including support for wheel mice.
  • Layers
    • Up to 256 layers
    • Rename layers as desired
    • Change color, hide and lock layers
  • Supports up to 256 colors
  • Display point names, elevations, and descriptions
  • Draw lines and arcs
  • Plot graphics to scale on most Windows compatible printers
  • Print drawing with border, title block and north arrow


  • Import and export COGO points from standard ASCII files.
  • Import line-work from shape files.
  • Import and export graphic data to DXF files.
  • Export graphics line-work to a shape file.
  • Export graphics line-work to Google Earth.


RPN & Curve Calculator

  • Reverse polish notation
  • General trig and power functions
  • HMS+ and HMS-
  • HMS mode allows trig functions to work on HMS angles without having to convert to decimal degrees
  • Supports distance and area units such as feet, meters, acres, hectares, etc.
  • Solves radius, delta, arc length, chord length, tangent, mid-ordinate, external, degree of curve (both arc and chord) and curve area
  • Calculator can be launched from within ProCogo
  • Calculator can be used with most other Windows programs
  • Calculator can be made to "stay on top" for easy access.


User Features

  • Hotkeys for commonly used commands
  • Nearly 60 text commands
  • All text commands can be customized by the user