Batch input using "Tract Scripts"

Create Tract objects (Polylines) by entering all of the calls at once in a "script".

When you create a tract with a tract script, you can go back and Edit the script at anytime.


Need to fix a mistake?

  • Open the tract script.
  • Correct the issue.
  • Redraw the corrected tract!

See the big picture

Tract scripts let you see the big picture. In other words, You can see (and edit) the entire set of calls all at once.

Easier data entry

Just type each line or curve on its own row. If entering a deed, just paste it in, then delete everything except the line and curve data. Include comments where needed, and make a printout of the script, complete with line numbers.

Sectional Breakdown (Aliquot Parts)

Do you need to enter a parcel by aliquot parts? Just type it in ("The North 300 feet of the Southeast quarter of the Northeast quarter of section 2... etc."). Or if it starts at a sectional corner, then "The Northeast corner of the Southeast quarter of section 2..." then follow that with the metes and bounds calls.

Missing Leg?

If a call is unknown or hard to read, then enter a question mark on that row and the program will attempt to solve for it. (do not do this if you need to check closure as this command will close the parcel).