Custom Phrases

Phrase Libraries

The phrases that make up your legal descriptions are stored in what we call a "phrase library". You can have up to 10 individually customized sets of phrases. And you can switch between any one of them at any time with just two mouse clicks.


Phrases are customized in the phrase library editor. The editor is easy to use with all of your phrase text and formatting options clearly presented.

  • Easy to use phrase editor
  • Many options for bearing and distance formatting.
  • Includes options for formatting text with bold, italics, and underline.
  • Also options for left, right, center and justified alignment.
  • Specify bearing and distance formatting.
  • You can even show choose to show both feet and meters at the same time.

Shared Phrase Libraries (Check this out!)

If you have several Legal-Aid users, you can place your phrase libraries on your server or network where everyone can use them. No need to copy configuration files to each workstation every time you make a change.


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