ProCogo LT - Input Reduction & Adjustment

Input Reduction / Traverse Adjustment (for raw field data)

ProCogo Lt's Input Reduction grid lets you enter and edit field data in an easy-to-use spreadsheet. You can edit and re-calculate the field data as often as needed. Angles can be balanced and the traverse adjusted using either the transit, compass or Crandall methods. Side-shots are always calculated after any adjustment or angle balancing is applied. Raw data is saved exactly as it was entered.

  • Enter, edit and save raw data
  • Easy-to-use spreadsheet editor
  • Balance angles
  • Compass, Transit & Crandall methods
  • Print traverse reports
ProCogo-LT, extract points from a DXF file.

Points Adjustment (for existing COGO points)

Use this feature to adjust COGO points that have already been calculated. Instead of entering field data, simply enter the COGO points that make up an existing traverse and ProCogo displays the closure. You can then apply the Compass Rule adjustment and save the adjusted COGO points back to ProCogo.

  • Adjust existing traverses
  • Display closure
  • Adjust using Compass Rule adjustment
  • Optionally rename adjusted COGO points
ProCogo-LT, extract points from a DXF file.