ProCogo LT Screen Layout

The ProCogo LT screen is divided into sections.


The center of the screen is where your calculations and graphics are displayed. This area can also be toggled to show only calculations, only graphics, or both (shown below).


Near the bottom of the screen is the Input Window. This is where ProCogo prompts you for information and where you will enter most of your COGO data.

ProCogo-LT, affordable coordinate geometry.

Split Screen...

  • Shows both calculations and graphics at the same time.
  • Calculation screen can be scrolled back to review the previous 2000 lines of computations.
ProCogo-LT, split screen layout.

Text Screen...

  • Easily view all of your calculations.
  • Scroll back to review up to 2000 previous calculations.
  • No graphics are drawn.
ProCogo-LT, text screen layout.

Graphics Screen...

  • Zoom and pan commands
  • Auto-zoom feature automatically zooms out to include COGO points that fall outside of the current viewport.
  • Point numbers automatically rescale so they are always the same height, regardless of zoom level.
ProCogo-LT, graphics screen layout.