ProCogo LT - RPN and Curve Calculator

ProCalc is our RPN and Curve calculator software included with ProCogo. One of the unique features of this calculator is that it understands and carries angular and distance units as you work (see screen shot below). For example, if you multiply two values entered as feet, ProCalc gives you the result in square feet.

Looks just like a real calculator!

ProCalc looks so real that we've actually had customers place orders for it thinking that it was a replacement for their HP calculator.

RPN Calculator

  • HMS + and HMS -
  • Understands angular and distance units
  • Easily convert between units (feet to meters, etc.)
  • Sin, cos, & tangent trig functions (and their inverses)
  • Polar to rectangular conversions
  • Store and retrieve from 10 memories
  • Can be used with or without ProCogo
ProCogo-LT, extract points from a DXF file.

Curve Calculator

  • Quickly and easily calculates curve data
  • In most cases, only two curve parameters are needed
  • Calculates basic curve information
  • Calculates mid-ordinate and external
  • Calculates degree-of-curve (both arc and chord methods)
  • Calculates area of a curve
ProCogo-LT, extract points from a DXF file.