Legal Description Writer

Featuring Legal-Aid for ProCogo XL

ProCogo XL includes a special version of our Legal-Aid legal description writer that has been updated for use with the program. Automatically create legal descriptions from lots in your drawing or from group files. This version of Legal-Aid uses the same phrase engine as our full AutoCAD version.

  • Easy to use.
  • Customizable phrase libraries.
  • Supports both feet and meters.
  • Copy and paste results into Microsoft Word, or even paste them back into the ProCogo XL drawing.
  • Built-in word processor.
  • Build-in spell checker.
  • Select the parcel right from the drawing, or use a point group file.
  • Includes special formatting codes for bold, italics, underline and uppercase.

Legal-Aid legal description writer


* The ProCogo XL version of Legal-Aid only works with ProCogo XL. AutoCAD versions of Legal-Aid are sold separately here.