Site Design Tools

The Site Calculator

Take the guesswork out of planning lot coverage with the Site Calculator.

  1. Select the parcel to subdivide.
  2. Select the non-buildable areas such as roads and ponds.
  3. Enter the desired lot size.
  4. Or, you can enter how many lots you prefer and it will give you their acreage.

The site calculator determines how many lots that you have room for. You can also do the reverse.... specify how many lots that you want and the site calculator will tell you how large they will be.

Automatically Subdivide a Parcel

Automatically divide a parcel into 2 or more equal parts, or into smaller lots of a fixed area. A wizard walks you through the process step-by-step. You can choose the direction to create the lots and also the direction of the dividing lot line. Lot names are automatically incremented as you create them. The entire process takes only seconds.

Here is the same parcel subdivided into one acre lots. The leftover area is placed in the last lot.


Subdivide parcel into one acre lots

Predetermined Areas

The predetermined area routines allow you to resize a lot to an exact area.

  1. Click on the lot to resize.
  2. Click the side that will be allowed to be moved.
  3. Enter the new area for the lot.

There are three methods to choose from.

Sliding Side

Adjust the area by sliding a side.

Predetermined area by sliding side method.

Swinging Side

Adjust area by swinging a side.

Predetermined area by swinging side method.

Radial Side

Slide radially along a curve.

Predetermined area by radial side method.

(Idea for use on lots along cul-de-sac's.)

Automatic Cul-de-sac

Create standard and eyebrow cul-de-sacs automatically for your subdivision design. Click on the end of the centerline where you want to place the cul-de-sac, then fill in the design parameters.


The dialog box provides an active diagram to illustrate what each parameter is.

Automatic cul-de-sac at end of a road.
Automatic cul-de-sac at bend.

Parking Stalls

Automatically create parking places. Control the stall width, angle and depth.


Parking lot example.
Automatic parking log dialog.