Built-in Word Processor

Retriever Enterprise includes a built-in word processor that works in tandem with the database. This allows you to create forms and mail-merge documents with client and property information pulled right out of the database and merged into the document. The document format is industry standard RTF (Rich Text Format) so you can readily use the documents with other word processors such as Microsoft Word. It also supports graphics so you can include images such as your company logo.

  • Write letters, proposals, specifications and more.
  • Use mail merge to mass create correspondence or create custom reports.
  • Automatic spell checker.
  • Supports degree symbol and other special symbols.
  • Files are compatible with Word and Word Perfect.

Mailing Labels

Print mailing labels for your contacts stored in the database. There are many standard label sizes to chose from. A "fast" option is also available to use with dot-matrix printers which bypasses Windows and prints raw text directly to the printer.

Mail merge and form letters

Use the mail-merge capabilities to create form letters that you can merge with contact and property information from the database. A wizard walks you step-by-step through the process and help is available at any time.

  • Create form letters
  • Personalized brochures
  • Custom forms
  • Custom reports

Custom Reports

Retriever Enterprise already comes with a collection of pre-made reports for you to use, but you can also use the mail-merge feature to get creative and make your own custom reports.